Welcome to the PA Parent and Family Alliance.


We are proud to provide support and resources for parents and caregivers like yourself whose children (up to age 26) may be experiencing a variety of challenges ranging from social and emotional to behavioral and mental health struggles, inclusive of substance use disorders.


We are here to guide you in finding a way forward, no matter how difficult the road ahead may seem. Parenting a child is an action of love, and we are here to navigate the journey with you by providing the best tools and resources available for you and your family.

Our Family Support Partners (FSP's) are here to help you

Our Family Support Partners are just that, partners. They are parents who have raised or are raising a child with challenges that may mirror the ones your family may also be encountering. Family Support Partners will walk with you on your journey until you feel ready to walk on your own.


When we use the word “parents,” please know that we understand that all families are unique. We see “parents” as someone who is or has been the primary caregiver of a child (to age 26) who has social, emotional, behavioral, and mental health challenges including substance use disorders and learning challenges. “Parents” may include birth parents, adoptive parents, grandparents with custody of their grandchildren, foster parents, kinship guardians, step-parents, etc.


Included in our diverse definition of family, we welcome two-mom families, two-dad families, single-parent families, blended families, foster families, guardians, and families of choice.


We warmly welcome all families inclusively and openly without judgment.

Learning Lab

Our Learning Lab is a hub of information that will empower you with the resources you need. Check out the extensive webinars, videos, publications, and specialized areas of focus. You have questions, and this is where you can find the answers.